Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quick and Nimble

Over the past months I’ve been traveling to events including NAR in Vegas and Triple Play in Atlantic City.

At these shows I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to speak with hundreds of brokers, agents and franchisees from across the US. The number one take away/observation that I wanted to share in my blog revolve around the market conditions favoring the quick and nimble companies.

The companies (large or small) in any given market who have invested their capital into overhead expenses like office square footage, rents, administrative staff, etc. – and in the process ignored technology… are screwed. These companies are scrambling to cut this overhead to improve their losses and disappointing agents in the process.

So, my advice to brokers… a quick and nimble company with a technology edge is “it” in this environment. These companies are able to adapt and will come out the other end of this rough period like superhero’s. They will be tomorrow’s winners in the brokerage community.

To learn more about Real Living, our culture, franchise opportunities, technology and strategies to keep your company plowing forward in today’s market and ready for the “next” market, e-mail me directly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marketing to Women? Real Living's Been There For Years

Realogy, one of our top competitors and the parent company of Century 21, ERA, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s etc., recently announced their licensing abilities for the Better Homes and Gardens brand from Meredith Corporation. A historical point of reference here is that the name Realogy was born around 2005/2006. Yes, that’s REALogy.

Why am I blogging about this? To give the real story.

As the VP of new market development for Real Living, I found each of the three points below to be very interesting and each holds significance as they relate to my role of leading our franchise growth initiatives. As I’ll point out, the BHG purchase shows Real Living is not only on Realogy’s radar, but also in its cross hairs.

First – the very fact Realogy purchased the BHG brand holds significance as it seems that they, possibly due to our success, are finally recognizing that females account for 90% of the purchasing decisions. A woman’s buying power is huge, and other firms are missing out by not recognizing this fact. As I’ve discussed in recent blog posts, I find it funny that in the past, Realogy brands have not recognized the female consumer as a key decision maker. A prime example is that Century 21 is the title sponsor of Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby – a program dominated by a male audience. Hmm. By the way, note the "red" logo on the home run derby link - isn't C21 gold?

Second -- I hear 1000Watt Consulting, a firm Real Living employed to assist with our franchise marketing, is in discussions with Realogy to assist with the roll-out and implementation of the BHG brand. This, while possibly just a rumor, is significant since 1000Watt is very familiar with Real Living’s brand.

Finally -- the very name Realogy coming into existence circa 2005/2006 is interesting. It seems to me that this is an effort to “get REAL” as we’ve been since our inception in 2002.

Maybe all of the above is just coincidence. Yeah, right.

As they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. As someone who’s been with Real Living for 11 years and witnessed first hand our company moving into 21 states and grow from 400 to 4000 agents, I’m flattered that other companies are trying to emulate our successful brand. While Realogy certainly has the size and capital to effectively compete, I’m confident our leadership, creativity and enthusiasm will keep us one step ahead. Real Living will continue to take pride in staying years ahead of everyone when it comes to the coveted female consumer.

If you are interested in learning more about Real Living, our brand, systems and culture, please e-mail me, call me direct 614-203-0801 or visit

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Real Living at NAR

In November, Real Living will be an exhibitor at the National Association of Realtors Convention. Real Living will accomplish 4 goals during the convention…

1. Introduce our franchise offering as “national.” We continually field the question, “are you available in ____ (insert city here)? The answer by the way is, YES!! Our systems, tools, technology is scalable to be inserted into any brokerage, no matter the location.

2. Roll-out our 360 degree marketing system. I’ve blogged about this in greater detail in the past, however, our 360 degree system is designed to provide our agents mobile, digital and traditional tools to reach today’s consumer.

3. Enable perspective franchisees to meet our team and franchisees. Our entire field sales staff will be attending the event and available for personal meetings as arranged. Additionally, key members of our corporate staff and some of our franchisee successes, like Lincoln Crum will be attending. Lincoln has been with Real Living for a year and has grown to 30 agents in just 12 months!!

4. Give attendees a taste of our office and environmental branding packages. As I’ve blogged about in greater detail in the past, a big part of what Real Living’s franchise offering includes is interior and environmental branding. This provides consistency throughout our network and immerses agents in the branding every day they work from their office.

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas. Stop by our booth 2456 to visit us. If you are unable to attend, please call me directly at 614-203-0801 or e-mail

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Today's Real Estate Office

At Real Living we’ve been hosting 1-2 companies per week in our offices for our Real Deal Presentations. It is during these presentations where our team shows prospective franchisees all of the tools, services and overall value of a Real Living franchise.

During these visits and in my travels a common question arises for companies interested in start-up opportunities. “What kind of office space should I have/do I need?”

At Real Living’s owned stores in Columbus and Cleveland we’ve taken the “old-school” approach to offices – mainly because we’ve been around since the 50’s and have over 3000 agents. Our offices are large, 5,000-8,000 square feet, mega offices hosting private and “plug and play,” areas. When visiting these spaces, often occupied by 70-150 agents, there are typically under 10-15 agents actually working in the office at any given time.

Today’s agents are mobile. They can tap into Real Living’s web-based system anywhere they can get online (Starbucks, home, Verizon Wireless Cards, and other "hot-spots" all over town).

With this mobile trend becoming the norm, we are seeing and encouraging our franchise partners (and even our own offices) to strategically place office(s) in their area with smaller square footage. Start-ups will have one 800-2,000 feet to start and eventually grow to more offices of similar square footage – typically in prime and visible areas. The environments are well branded and offer the primary items today’s agent require – conference room, casual meeting spaces, areas to plug their laptops into, etc.

If a brokerage can grow using this model they will save tremendously in their P&L. Brick and mortar is among the leading expenses brokerages incur and this model saves significant dollars to invest elsewhere.

Additionally, we are encouraging our franchise partners to save money via reducing dollars spent on phone systems, fax machines, and the like. I mentioned the mobile nature of agents today. Agents are using expensive phone systems and the physical phones (which can cost up to $400/phone) for the simple purpose of forwarding their calls to their mobile phone. With that said, why purchase a high-end phone system with capabilities a plenty when you can enable agents to publicize and exclusively utilize their personal, mobile phone? Fax machines are another expense that can be eliminated with a $5-$7/month e-fax account. I cannot tell you the last time I actually faxed something via the dinosaur fax in our offices – faxing can inexpensively be accomplished online.

When thinking of opening your first or another office, think twice and call Real Living. We’ve been in the business for over 50 years which has taught us a lot. We have ideas to save and increase your profitability. Visit, call me directly 614-203-0801 or e-mail

Friday, September 21, 2007

Real Living Host Relevant Summit

This week Real Living hosted a bi-annual summit in Columbus, Ohio attended by brokers/owners and manager from across the United States. The agenda was focused on recruiting and retention of real estate agents and the speakers, insight and participation from the group was outstanding.

One key element I wanted to share via this forum is a statistic one of the guest speakers shared with the group. Dr. Cabot Jafee, from Alignmark
stated that 58% of current real estate agents would be retiring and of retirement age by the year 2010. I have three thoughts about this statistic.

Wow. NAR tells us there are 1.3 million Realtors chasing buyers and sellers for commissions today
. If these agents do retire, it’d leave 546,000 agents and much more business for the remainder. All things being equal, everyone would get over a 100% pay increase! As I’ll allude to next, I don’t think this is going to be the realistic outcome, however, a shocking statistic to share.

Those I know in the “boomer” generation are not retiring. Another speaker at our event was Bill Evans, President of Real Living HER in Columbus. Bill spoke about recruiting through the generations and sited characteristics about the “Boomer” generation including the fact that they, “live to work.” This characteristic is quite different than the “Gen X’ers,” who “work to live.” Over the past two weeks I’ve spoken with a few Real Living mangers, both into their 60’s and point blank asked them when they were going to retire. Both managers replied saying, retirement is not in their vision and that work kept them alive – echoing what Bill Evans stated.

The one thing I know to be true is that if and when these “boomers” stick around, they’ll need to adapt! This leads me to point #3.

Today’s consumer and today’s Realtor are literally generations apart. 80% of which are Gen X and Gen Y. Take into account the following “stereotypes from each of the following generations…

- Live to work
- Technology averse

Gen X
- Work to live,
- Adaptive to technology

Gen Y
- Live first, work later
- Do not know a world without technology

With this said, there is obviously a huge clash taking place within our industry as you read this. I struggle to see how those in the Boomer generation who choose to continue doing business as they always have will survive. Boomers and a whole new generation of real estate agent have tremendous opportunity that can be seized when implementing all the tools, marketing, technology, and branding to compete.

If your company or franchise does not provide the technology, branding, and everything else today’s buyers seek, call Real Living. Also, if your company or franchise is not delivering relevant seminars like the one Real Living hosted the past few days, call us. We’re competing in the real world and can show you how to build a foundation and prepare for an explosion when the market improves! or call 614-203-0801.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Brand Consistency – Even in Your Office

In my role it is great to see so many new Real Living franchisees take the Real Living office concept and implement in their respective markets. As an employee of Real Living for going on 11 years, being able to witness owners sign their franchise agreement and eagerly return home to Realivingize their office is rewarding.

As the next big national franchise, Real Living strives for consistency beyond service, it even extends to our office décor, layout, and functionality. I hate to use McDonalds as an example but when you select McDonalds for your dining pleasure you know what to expect. Fast, service, consistent menu, in a family friendly environment. You also recognize the golden arches and building style no matter where you travel.

At Real Living we are striving to create a consistent experience for consumers – like McDonalds. Our websites have all the tools a buyer or seller needs no matter where they reside. Our agents posses all the 360 degree marketing tools they need to attract today’s consumer and market homes. And, our offices have a consistent look and feel which differ based on urban, rural and suburban location.

I’ve been harping on the importance of a well managed brand and if your franchisor is not talking about this, why not? Consistency within your network is beneficial – and needs to extend to your office space.

To give a taste of a Real Living office, here are a series of pictures of our grand opening in Orlando, Florida. Real Living Real Estate Solutions is owned by Tony Marino a former top producing Watson Real Estate agent who was ready to explore ownership of his own office and today is on his way to great success in Orlando. Look at the pictures and the number of agents attending the linked event. Other office pictures can be seen on our franchise site.

Office structure, layout and decoration advice is just another benefit to joining the Real Living network. We’ll help you design your office and implement key elements like our coffee bar, banners, Real Living room with fireplace (depending on your market) and children’s play room – to quiet the kids down while Agreements are getting signed.

We also recognize the fact that with Real Living’s mobile tools and today’s mobile agents, office space can be maximized. You no longer need 200-300 square feet per agent. By creating comfortable common spaces for agent and consumer to sit meet and sufficient conference room space, owners can save money on this expensive piece of a P&L. I see this maximization affording Real Living owners the opportunity to add locations in their markets which provides more visibility and strategic placement. Depending on the market, two 1500 square foot locations can work harder than one 3000 foot location.

To learn more about Real Living’s office concepts and how to Realivingize yours, call me at 614-203-0801, or e-mail Visit too!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Agent Retention - In A Slow Market

Many brokerages seem so focused on recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, that they lose sight of keeping and maintaining the agent partnerships they have today. With the market being “slow,” there is an enormous opportunity to train agents on the systems and tools provided via your franchise relationship to increase their business, which, I believe, will lead to keeping that agent through the bad times and into the good ones (they will come again).

So, here are three quick items to focus your agents...

1. Contact Management
Real Living provides its agents a contact management solution and makes it easy for the agent to market to their database when populated. Agents need to, to quote a leader in our company, “see the people, see the people, see the people,’ which will create contacts. Encourage agents to add 10-20 contacts to their database weekly. A good book to refer agents to is, Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. This book has changed the way I view relationships.

2. Continue Marketing
If agents do not continue to invest in themselves during the down-times when money is tighter, consumers may assume they’ve went away. There always seems to be a news story telling consumers how difficult the real estate market is - which could plant the seed in their minds that the agent has cut-and-run from real estate. At Real Living we provide agents free and inexpensive opportunities to market themselves including e-cards (an online Hallmark store – free), e-newsletters (goes out monthly – free), direct mail ($.35-$.60/card), agent websites (marketing opportunities nationally – free), and opportunities to tap into blogging systems (minimal cost).

3. Blog
Slow markets create more time and some of this time can be used to establish a blogging presence. This presence will enhance SEO and improve your visibility in the market. It can also, if used properly begin to position an agent as an “expert” in a given area. One of our franchisees from Real Living Southern Homes, Calum MacKenzie is a great example.

Ultimately, take the time the slow market has afforded you and your agents to re-engage with your company’s systems and tools. You want them positioned for the market up-swing that WILL come. Agents will appreciate your dedication and caring for their careers and thank you with their success later.

If your brokerage or franchise does not provide tools and systems for agents, or if you are interested in partnering with a company who provides the systems highlighted above (and more), call me at 614-203-0801 or e-mail

Thursday, August 30, 2007

When You Are Sick...

Go to the doctor. I see a lot of illness and pain in the real estate market. There are many brokerages who are sick, hurting and in need of a doctor.

In franchising today, we at Real Living are attracting companies who want to think big and have a long-term view of the industry investigating our franchise model.

These are companies seeing the industry change at a pace so fast they cannot afford to keep up - mentally and financially. These firms are in need of systems, tools, technologies, etc., etc. to attract agents, keep agents and most importantly make them productive. They see listing syndication, website enhancements, technology products - too many to list, SEO, SEM, etc, etc. and are confused. It is hard to believe but I spoke with a broker of a 50 agent company from major market this week who was interested in driving people to his site to generate leads. When I asked him his strategy, what his Alexa ranking is, and his plans for SEO… He replied, “What are you talking about??” As if I was speaking a foreign language.

Today, with the down-turn in the market, many small brokerages have finally had the opportunity to pull their head out of the listing and selling race for enough time to realize they are sick and need help.

If any of the above rings true for you and your company, let’s talk. Real Living will open your eyes to what you are missing and not only catch you up, we'll put you ahead of even the largest competitors in your area. We can save you from the vendors, buzz-words, and fluff you’ll encounter researching solutions necessary for your company to survive and thrive in today's ever-changing marketplace.

To learn more about Real Living, schedule a consultative visit, and see how we can help, give me a call at 614-203-0801 or e-mail We not only have the medicine for what ails you, we’ll put you at ease.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

National vs. "Next" Real Estate Brands

When discussing Real Living with broker/owners throughout the country a common dialogue typically centers on “who is Real Living? I’ve never heard of you.” Or, “we are going to franchise, but why would I franchise with a new, unfamiliar brand in my market?” So, when evaluating a decision to franchise, there are three major items to consider…

1. Are there stigmas or negativity associated with these other brands in your markets or elsewhere?

Chances are there are agents/companies from any national brand, primarily due to their size, who have made a negative impression on the market. Remember the NAR boasts 1.3 million Realtors running around out there. This stigma and image (negative or positive) will automatically be associated with you when you join these franchise systems. Don’t think you can change the world, these networks are too large and their impact is national. When affiliating with the next big thing, the image is fresh, new, and with Real Living, unique.

2. What is provided by national brand?

Franchisors through the fat and happy times of the past 10 years have become lazy and very focused on selling their name. In doing so, many have lost touch with providing their franchise partners a tangible offering agents and brokers can actually tap into to increase productivity, profits and awareness in the market. Real Living provides a wealth of tools, services and the best part is that they are tangible which means they save agents and brokers real money in development and or purchasing of “off the shelf tools” such as Top Producer for contact management or Point 2 Agent for web sites. The fact that Real Living provides these two items and much, much more not only saves money but also makes its tools easier to use and integrated. Every tool Real Living provides is fully interactive with each other from MLS feeds, to our 2.0 application, to contact management.

3. Who gets it?

This may be the most critical component. When evaluating brands, pay close attention to how they market and use your franchise service fees. Ask the following questions of these national brands…
- Do they have a defined target customer? If so, do you agree?
- Does the brand appeal to this target audience?
- Do they spend the service fees you spend to market effectively to this group?

At Real Living, our answers are as follows…
- Our target consumer is women 25-54 residing in a household earning an above average income. This demographic makes 90% of the decisions in the home-buying/selling process.
- The Real Living brand was developed to primarily appeal to this audience.
- Our national marketing dollars are 100% devoted to the female demographic defined above.

Many of the large nationals don’t get it. Take Re/Max for example. One of their national sponsorships is the Long Drive Championship – a golf event. How many women do you think are watching a group of meatheads on ESPN try to hit a golf ball 400 yards?

Century 21 another large national brand is the sponsor of Major League Baseball's Home Run Derby. How many women do you think are watching this event? I can assure you my wife is not viewing either of these programs and instead opting for programming on HGTV, Lifetime or Food Network.

When women make 90% of the home buying/selling decisions, are sponsorships in these types of events the highest and best use of your franchise service fees?

To learn more about
Real Living, our tangible systems, well-managed brand and how to potentially be the first to launch the brand in your market, let’s talk. We’ll open your eyes. E-mail me at, or call 614-203-0801.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Importance of a Well Managed Brand

How important is a well managed real estate brand? If you ask me, it is everything.

In my travels I regularly see brands mistreated and disrespected daily creating confusion and separation with the consumer – a no win situation. Unfortunately, you can pick up any Sunday newspaper, or go to any grocery store for a real estate guide like Open House Magazine, Homes and Land, etc. to spot them. There are easy to find. There are the cliché pictures of agent on the phone, those with their pets, and, my personal favorite… the unrecognizable glamour photo from 10 years ago.

Additionally, we see agents create sites like this one from a Coldwell Banker agent - You’ll see this agent branding himself in yellow and with a duck peddling real estate in Seattle. Isn’t Coldwell Banker blue? He’s even received recognition for his efforts in Broker Agent, Realtor Profile and Real Estate Executive, magazines which he prominently highlights on his site. Creative yes, consistent with the brand, no.

Agents being independent contractors have enjoyed, and in some cases taken advantage of the freedoms and liberties provided to them by their brokers. By enabling your agents to create sites like these, you are diluting your brand, messaging and image in your market.

Attn Brokers: Consider not turning the other cheek when you see agents take your brand and tarnish it with these poor attempts to build a personal brand. Take control of your brand. It’s possible – we’ve done it at Real Living, you can too. Here are some tips…

- Provide them branded web-sites with all the tools consumers need so they don’t have to build sites like those I selected above.
- Provide branded marketing tools and make it easy for them to tap into.
- Provide templates and standards to follow to ensure consistency.

If you don’t have the resources, time, money or energy to provide these, perhaps you would consider talking to us. We provide all of the above and more.

To learn more about the Real Living brand and how we manage it for the benefit of our network, call me 614-203-0801 or e-mail, or visit our franchise site.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Franchisees Join Real Living

Real Living is growing. I’m proud to announce that we’ve just added three new franchises! The newest markets consist of Chandler, Arizona (our first in the state), Vail, Colorado, and The Woodlands, Texas (Houston area). And that’s not all. Get ready for four franchises next month.

If you reside in any of these areas, you’ll be seeing Real Living red signs popping up – hopefully in your front yard. You’ll also start taking notice of Real Living agents marketing homes deploying our innovative 360-degree system© designed to attract consumers using digital, mobile and traditional marketing vehicles.

To learn how to become a Real Living franchise partner, and activate Real Living’s unique and well-managed brand and our 360-degree system© in your market, give me a call at 614-203-0801 or e-mail me at

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit - Even in a Down Market

Recently I’ve received calls and inquiries from brokers regarding recruiting and have heard the following comment redundantly… “the market is so bad, we are having trouble recruiting agents” BALLONEY!! As stated in my recent post, not only is it a good time to franchise, it is a GREAT time to recruit. Additionally, the “ripest” agents to recruit are the good ones too – the sub-par agents who’ve been surviving on floor time, and the markets success are being forced to look for salaried jobs right now.

Here are some recruiting tips – which are geared towards Real Living broker/owners and the tools, systems, training, etc. that Real Living provides its franchisees nationally.

Prospect, prospect, prospect.
Use e-cards. Use the phone and attend networking events. Most importantly, keep in touch - the person who will not meet today will be ready sometime. It is only a matter of time until something upsets an agent enough to take a look around.

Find the "sweet spot."
Typically there are a group of agents producing from $1.5M/yr to $7M/yr volume (depending on the market) who are stuck, ready to move to the next level and more receptive to your calls/prospecting.

Interview the agent vs. selling them on your company and allowing them to interview you.
This will ensure you are getting the right fit for your office, culture, etc.
Devise and prepare questions to ask and go through the list taking notes during yoru meeting. My favorites include…
- What is important to you in a brokerage? (Chances are you have it with Real Living and will show it later when presenting the Real Living platform)
- What does your current brokerage do well? (Find out what you are competing against)
- What challenges is your current brokerage facing? (Find out their pain and provide a solution your presentation - spin your presentation to this pain)
- Where do you see your career going in the next 1, 2, 5 years? (Are they a fit? Are they worth your investment? Remember, you are making an investment in your agents – office space, phones, brand, etc.)
- What is holding you back from taking your real estate career to the next level?
- What would prompt you to leave your current company, besides commission which we'll discuss later? (Find out what exactly would make them switch and don't let it be commission only).
- Devise questions to ask after the presentation...
- How do you see yourself fitting in here at Real Living?
- As you mentioned, your current company is challenged by ___, With Real Living would our (insert tool, service, etc. here) support you better than you are being supported today?
- Do you see value in what we provide our agents here at Real Living?

Ask for their license.
From our discussion I believe we may be a fit (assuming they are). You see value in our product, company, etc. What would prevent you from joining our team today?

I hate to be cliché, however, you never get what you don’t ask for.

If you are interested in more recruiting help with real systems, real tools and real solutions to help agents produce (even in a down market), give me a call at 614-203-0801 (mobile), or e-mail me at You also can visit for more information regarding franchising opportunities within Real Living.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Franchise Fee and Capping Trends

Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ERA, etc. established the franchise fee model many still follow today by charging a flat 6% of commission – sometimes providing brokers rebates or caps on the back-side. Then models like Re/Max and Realty Executives followed with flat fee, 100% commission programs for agents. Today, Keller Williams has grown significantly with capping plans and a profit sharing model which enable brokers to compete well for agents in many markets.

Agents and brokers being independent minded appreciate choices. With that said, we at Real Living are taking our own path and incorporating a mix of plans – essentially providing brokers and agents with choices and options to better tailor their commission schedules. These franchise fees or “Service Fee” (as we at Real Living refer to them), options will enable brokers to recruit top performers and new licensees, which, in conjunction with our superior marketing, technologies, training and financial support will lead to growth of Real Living nationally.

Real Living is developing the foundation for national franchise growth and is the “next big thing,” in real estate franchising. We expect significant growth year after year and are growing with like-minded companies who expect more from a franchise partnership.

With that said, it is not all about the fees. If you are not providing value for agents you will lose them. This is evident from a recent announcement made by Keller Williams where they boas 40,000 new agents in the past year. If you do the math on their total number, this stat shows reflects a loss of around 20,000 agents in that same time period. Hence, value proposition is paramount.

To learn about Real Living, our tools, technologies and franchise opportunities with service fee choices enabling you to grow your business, visit us, e-mail me or call me personally 614-273-6084.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Marketing in Today's Environment - 360 degree

In today’s ever changing real estate landscape it is 100% necessary for your brokerage and your agents to change their approach to marketing to consumers. Trulia tells us that 80% of buyers in the market are “gen x and gen y.” These are buyers with an immediate communication expectation – anything less will force them to continue searching for information and answers. And, they eventually will find it.

Agents and brokers today need a marketing model and franchise partner who understands this consumer and empowers them to reach them. Real Living
innovatred our 360 degree marketing concept which speaks to a full spectrum of marketing venues to reach and communicate with today’s consumer who demand information - yesterday.

To incorporate our 360 degree marketing platform you simply need to tap into the Real Living franchise system. Our 360 platform will incorporate traditional marketing (signs, newspaper, etc.), mobile marketing (text leads, click to talk technologies), and digital marketing (listing enhancements, search engine optimization, blogging/social networking). Real Living not only discusses and trains you on this platform, we actually provide these tools as part of our franchise offering.

If your current franchise or brokerage is not discussing a 360 degree marketing platform, why?? It is time for you to partner with franchise partner who does. To reach today’s consumer you have to fish upstream, get creative and become comfortable with all three of 360 degree marketing components.

To learn about Real Living, our tools, 360 degree marketing platform and a franchise opportunity arming you with the tools to grow your business, visit us, e-mail me or call me personally 614-273-6084.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Exclusivity in Real Estate Franchising

In my experience 2 out of every 3 brokers we meet with are interested or bring up the question of exclusivity when discussing franchise opportunities. At Real Living our opinion and philosophy is this…

Of course we want to grow the Real Living brand fast and have Real Living offices where they makes sense. However, we do not aspire to be the “Starbucks” of real estate with an office on every corner. In any given market there are brands (typically Century 21 or Re/Max in my travels) with offices in some cases the next block over or even across the street.

With that said, Real Living provides all of its franchise partners with a limited amount of exclusivity in their respective market to ensure an opportunity to grow the brand in said market and the broker is not in direct recruiting competition with another Real Living firm. We take into account several factors including population, demographics, competitor office locations and more before mapping out a “trading area” for our partner.

If exclusivity is an issue and you are interested in partnering with an innovative firm who respects this, and provides much more than exclusivity, visit us, e-mail me or call 614-273-6084.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Franchising in a “Down” Market

We continue to receive the question from our franchise prospects, “the market is struggling, why should I franchise now or wait for it to improve?” The reality is a “down” market is prime for someone to start a Real Living franchise.

When times are tough, agents get antsy and begin to doubt the level of support they are currently receiving from their current brokerage and the marketing strategies and tactics they’ve been employing. As a broker and recruiter in this environment, this is opportunity. But, before you run out and start your company you first need a compelling story to tell perspective agents. The story needs to encompass a higher level of support, real money savings via tangible tools, use of technology and more. If agents continue doing what they have been doing, they’ll get the same results – which a down market coupled with a changing consumer means technology is of the utmost importance.

As a Real Living franchise partner, you’ll have these tools, support and technology at your disposal to show agents and bring them into your company. If you are interested in leaning more, visit us, e-mail me or call 614-273-6084.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Real Living is Growing

Real Living is growing fast. In fact, over the past two weeks we’ve hosted 5 brokerage groups from across the US in Columbus, Ohio for our “Real Deal” presentation. During this one day meeting, prospective Real Living franchisees will see the unique culture we boast, meet the leaders of our fast growing real estate company and delve deeper into out technology, training, tools and systems.

Our stated goal is “world dominance” and after this week we’re on our way. From our recent “Real Deal” meetings, you’ll see Real Living offices and yard signs popping up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, Ashville, North Carolina, Carmel, Indiana (Indianapolis area), and Smyrna, Tennessee (Nashville area).

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Real Living franchisee, our mind-blowing technology and innovative systems, check us out at Or give me a call personally at 614-273-6084.