Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Real Speaker

Due to the successful launch or Real You Incorporated, 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs, author and president of Real Living, Kaira Rouda is speaking everywhere. She is on the news, radio, newspaper and cable and broadcast television. Her message is simple, teach people to be real and succeed in business while telling the Real Living story.

Check out this video highlighting Kaira’s speaking engagements.

Real Living is a company that practices what Real You book preaches. We pride ourselves on keeping it real and genuine in business. We are the franchise who understands the consumer and who communicates with them in a manner and tone that resonates.

To learn more about Real Living and our
franchise opportunities, give me a call or e-mail me directly at chris.svec@realliving.com.


Roger Conant said...

Congrats to everyone at Real Living for a Real Strategy. And for being the first major to "get it" when it comes to women. I'm surprised that they left you alone as long as they did. Now Realogy...BH & G, is coming to market with the same strategy, but we'll see how they are at implementation. And the release of a book relating to "empowering women" is a cool move. Check out my blog for a blow by blow of all of this (http://heragent.blogspot.com/). It's an election year so I can say this to all the other brokers...IT'S WOMEN, STUPID!

romilly said...

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Hudson said...

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