Monday, September 10, 2007

Brand Consistency – Even in Your Office

In my role it is great to see so many new Real Living franchisees take the Real Living office concept and implement in their respective markets. As an employee of Real Living for going on 11 years, being able to witness owners sign their franchise agreement and eagerly return home to Realivingize their office is rewarding.

As the next big national franchise, Real Living strives for consistency beyond service, it even extends to our office décor, layout, and functionality. I hate to use McDonalds as an example but when you select McDonalds for your dining pleasure you know what to expect. Fast, service, consistent menu, in a family friendly environment. You also recognize the golden arches and building style no matter where you travel.

At Real Living we are striving to create a consistent experience for consumers – like McDonalds. Our websites have all the tools a buyer or seller needs no matter where they reside. Our agents posses all the 360 degree marketing tools they need to attract today’s consumer and market homes. And, our offices have a consistent look and feel which differ based on urban, rural and suburban location.

I’ve been harping on the importance of a well managed brand and if your franchisor is not talking about this, why not? Consistency within your network is beneficial – and needs to extend to your office space.

To give a taste of a Real Living office, here are a series of pictures of our grand opening in Orlando, Florida. Real Living Real Estate Solutions is owned by Tony Marino a former top producing Watson Real Estate agent who was ready to explore ownership of his own office and today is on his way to great success in Orlando. Look at the pictures and the number of agents attending the linked event. Other office pictures can be seen on our franchise site.

Office structure, layout and decoration advice is just another benefit to joining the Real Living network. We’ll help you design your office and implement key elements like our coffee bar, banners, Real Living room with fireplace (depending on your market) and children’s play room – to quiet the kids down while Agreements are getting signed.

We also recognize the fact that with Real Living’s mobile tools and today’s mobile agents, office space can be maximized. You no longer need 200-300 square feet per agent. By creating comfortable common spaces for agent and consumer to sit meet and sufficient conference room space, owners can save money on this expensive piece of a P&L. I see this maximization affording Real Living owners the opportunity to add locations in their markets which provides more visibility and strategic placement. Depending on the market, two 1500 square foot locations can work harder than one 3000 foot location.

To learn more about Real Living’s office concepts and how to Realivingize yours, call me at 614-203-0801, or e-mail Visit too!!


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