Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quick and Nimble

Over the past months I’ve been traveling to events including NAR in Vegas and Triple Play in Atlantic City.

At these shows I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to speak with hundreds of brokers, agents and franchisees from across the US. The number one take away/observation that I wanted to share in my blog revolve around the market conditions favoring the quick and nimble companies.

The companies (large or small) in any given market who have invested their capital into overhead expenses like office square footage, rents, administrative staff, etc. – and in the process ignored technology… are screwed. These companies are scrambling to cut this overhead to improve their losses and disappointing agents in the process.

So, my advice to brokers… a quick and nimble company with a technology edge is “it” in this environment. These companies are able to adapt and will come out the other end of this rough period like superhero’s. They will be tomorrow’s winners in the brokerage community.

To learn more about Real Living, our culture, franchise opportunities, technology and strategies to keep your company plowing forward in today’s market and ready for the “next” market, e-mail me directly.


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