Friday, July 20, 2007

Franchising in a “Down” Market

We continue to receive the question from our franchise prospects, “the market is struggling, why should I franchise now or wait for it to improve?” The reality is a “down” market is prime for someone to start a Real Living franchise.

When times are tough, agents get antsy and begin to doubt the level of support they are currently receiving from their current brokerage and the marketing strategies and tactics they’ve been employing. As a broker and recruiter in this environment, this is opportunity. But, before you run out and start your company you first need a compelling story to tell perspective agents. The story needs to encompass a higher level of support, real money savings via tangible tools, use of technology and more. If agents continue doing what they have been doing, they’ll get the same results – which a down market coupled with a changing consumer means technology is of the utmost importance.

As a Real Living franchise partner, you’ll have these tools, support and technology at your disposal to show agents and bring them into your company. If you are interested in leaning more, visit us, e-mail me or call 614-273-6084.

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