Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Marketing in Today's Environment - 360 degree

In today’s ever changing real estate landscape it is 100% necessary for your brokerage and your agents to change their approach to marketing to consumers. Trulia tells us that 80% of buyers in the market are “gen x and gen y.” These are buyers with an immediate communication expectation – anything less will force them to continue searching for information and answers. And, they eventually will find it.

Agents and brokers today need a marketing model and franchise partner who understands this consumer and empowers them to reach them. Real Living
innovatred our 360 degree marketing concept which speaks to a full spectrum of marketing venues to reach and communicate with today’s consumer who demand information - yesterday.

To incorporate our 360 degree marketing platform you simply need to tap into the Real Living franchise system. Our 360 platform will incorporate traditional marketing (signs, newspaper, etc.), mobile marketing (text leads, click to talk technologies), and digital marketing (listing enhancements, search engine optimization, blogging/social networking). Real Living not only discusses and trains you on this platform, we actually provide these tools as part of our franchise offering.

If your current franchise or brokerage is not discussing a 360 degree marketing platform, why?? It is time for you to partner with franchise partner who does. To reach today’s consumer you have to fish upstream, get creative and become comfortable with all three of 360 degree marketing components.

To learn about Real Living, our tools, 360 degree marketing platform and a franchise opportunity arming you with the tools to grow your business, visit us
www.RealLivingFranchise.com, e-mail me Chris.Svec@RealLiving.com or call me personally 614-273-6084.


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