Monday, July 23, 2007

Exclusivity in Real Estate Franchising

In my experience 2 out of every 3 brokers we meet with are interested or bring up the question of exclusivity when discussing franchise opportunities. At Real Living our opinion and philosophy is this…

Of course we want to grow the Real Living brand fast and have Real Living offices where they makes sense. However, we do not aspire to be the “Starbucks” of real estate with an office on every corner. In any given market there are brands (typically Century 21 or Re/Max in my travels) with offices in some cases the next block over or even across the street.

With that said, Real Living provides all of its franchise partners with a limited amount of exclusivity in their respective market to ensure an opportunity to grow the brand in said market and the broker is not in direct recruiting competition with another Real Living firm. We take into account several factors including population, demographics, competitor office locations and more before mapping out a “trading area” for our partner.

If exclusivity is an issue and you are interested in partnering with an innovative firm who respects this, and provides much more than exclusivity, visit us, e-mail me or call 614-273-6084.

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