Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Importance of a Well Managed Brand

How important is a well managed real estate brand? If you ask me, it is everything.

In my travels I regularly see brands mistreated and disrespected daily creating confusion and separation with the consumer – a no win situation. Unfortunately, you can pick up any Sunday newspaper, or go to any grocery store for a real estate guide like Open House Magazine, Homes and Land, etc. to spot them. There are easy to find. There are the cliché pictures of agent on the phone, those with their pets, and, my personal favorite… the unrecognizable glamour photo from 10 years ago.

Additionally, we see agents create sites like this one from a Coldwell Banker agent -
www.duckin.com. You’ll see this agent branding himself in yellow and with a duck peddling real estate in Seattle. Isn’t Coldwell Banker blue? He’s even received recognition for his efforts in Broker Agent, Realtor Profile and Real Estate Executive, magazines which he prominently highlights on his site. Creative yes, consistent with the brand, no.

Agents being independent contractors have enjoyed, and in some cases taken advantage of the freedoms and liberties provided to them by their brokers. By enabling your agents to create sites like these, you are diluting your brand, messaging and image in your market.

Attn Brokers: Consider not turning the other cheek when you see agents take your brand and tarnish it with these poor attempts to build a personal brand. Take control of your brand. It’s possible – we’ve done it at Real Living, you can too. Here are some tips…

- Provide them branded web-sites with all the tools consumers need so they don’t have to build sites like those I selected above.
- Provide branded marketing tools and make it easy for them to tap into.
- Provide templates and standards to follow to ensure consistency.

If you don’t have the resources, time, money or energy to provide these, perhaps you would consider talking to us. We provide all of the above and more.

To learn more about the Real Living brand and how we manage it for the benefit of our network, call me 614-203-0801 or e-mail
chris.svec@realliving.com, or visit our franchise site.



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