Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Deep Sea Fishing

Today we went deep sea fishing - 30 miles out 7am -4pm. Long day on the water. This picuture is of us taking a water taxi to our waiting boat. The boat we chartered all day was only 20 ft. long and I was pretty nervous as we left. The first 45 minutes were brutal and we were getting bounced around. Very rough seas on the way out. All day was fairly calm with large swells every once in a while. They said the pacific ocean is so deep just off shore that the waves are not as high.

This is Todd with the biggest catch of the day. A 40 lb mahi-mahi. It took him 30 minutes to bring in and the fish made several majestic jumps during the fight. Our guide Carlos is next to Todd. Carlos and his driver knew no English.

Here is me with the only yellow fin tuna catch of the day. The guides were most excited about this catch. We left them the fist to take to their families since we have a group dinner tonight.

Here is me with "big yellow." The was the largest mahi-mahi I caught. We caught about 15 mahi-mahi around this size all day. 1 yellow fin and a few needle fish. Brady, Mr. Bird cannot beat this.

Here is the view of an island on the way back into the bay where our hotel is. The guides dropped us off right at the beach of our hotel.
A great day but we're beat. I have fish blood all over my pants and need to take a shower before the dinner tonight.
Tomorrow we are set to ride the zip lines in the rain forest.


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