Monday, July 7, 2008

Up $200 in Rummy

Just got back to the room (11 pm local time). 7 am tee time, it's midnight and we've had a few cocktails (oh boy). Although you can't see him, this is Todd, passed out under his covers as I type away to keep you updated...

Tonight was awesome. We had a group dinner - great food (waitresses pushing drinks on us) and met lots of fun people. Salespoeople are bringing their mom's, friends, spouses, etc. and all are partying (at least on the first night) the jury is still out if they are hard-core or not. Kind of reminds me of RL's Momentum on any first night - except at RL's everyone knows each other. Here, everyone is not as close. We did meet a couple who loves Todd and wants to go fishing with us later in the week. Supposedly they have the perfect charter already lined up.

I met a mom in her 60's (being generous) who is going on the "zip line, canopy tour" of the rainforest. I was impressed.

The party spilled out to the casino where we played "rummy" - just like Blackjack except 3 of a kind win's 3-1 and a straight (suited) win's 3-1 too. 21 pays even money. I happened to sit down and play right next to the CEO of the company and be-friended him - high 5'n during wins, etc. Great guy.

Before I figured out the game, I split 8's vs. a Jack 4 times (litterally), doubled down once and won some spending cash for the trip. Ali will be happy. Anyone who knows me knows I hate casino's and blackjack... probably why I won. Unfortunately, no Hold-Em Tables. Very small casino with a handfull of table games (1 craps, 3 rummy, 1 three card poker) and a few slots.

We walked the resort compound today too. The hotel sits on a "bay" surrounded by mountains. I'll get a great picture of it to share. The "beach" is different, and mostly grass vs. sand. The pool is amazing and full of waterfalls, a swim-up bar, tunnels, etc. Pics tomorrow when it's light. As we walked we were "dive-bombed" by bats who flew around as it was right before dark.

Costa Rica is in the Central time zone but does not do daylight savings time. So, we are 2 hrs. behind C-Bus. It gets dark here around 6pm vs. 9 this time of year because of the lack of daylight savings time respect.

More pics tomorrow. I'm brining my camera to the golf course where we're supposed to be able to see monkey's and exotic birds - right from the fairways and greens. I'll be posting again around 1pm my time 3pm est.

We lugged our clubs so it better be worth while. Due to the rain , I guess a lot of drives will "plug" but the greens are lightening quick. Golfers reading this will think this does not add up but we'll see tomorrow - It didn't add up to me either when the guy was explaining it.

Been a long day since getting up at 5am --- going to bed...


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