Sunday, July 6, 2008

We arrive in Costa Rica

We arrive in Costa Rica and Todd somehow gets through immigration (that's him in the blue shirt)...

We board on a bus at the airport and the first negative is that there is a bus next to us loading luggage on the roof with a tarp. We then find out that this is the rainy season here....

The best picture I can take from the bus looks like this.... Pouring rain...

This is a picture of what the shops, bars and restaurants looked like during the bus trip... 2.5 hours of winding roads through rain, tight turns, climbing high mountains and motorcycles. The highlight was a schoolyard of kids playing soccer with awesome skills.

This is a river full of crocodiles. People watching from the bridge.

We finally arrive at the hotel and this is the view. Amazing after traveling 2.5 hours through what seemed like a very poverty stricken area. A group of natives "sporting skins" waved at the bus as we entered the compound. They love tourists and they coin people probably drop here.

There is a Fitness Center and Casino on the grounds. I tried to check it out and set an alarm off. Hope they have poker.

The meeting schedule for Todd changed to give him the morning free vs. afternoon because I guess it rains all afternoon here during this time of year.

Overall the scenery is gorgeous and I wish I'd of been able to take pictures of the landscapes during the drive. Rainforests, mountains, waterfalls and more were the highlights.

The golf course looks amazing too (and empty - nobody playing). We're shooting for a 7am tee time tomorrow (Monday).

More tomorrow!


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We at long last show up at the lodging and this is the view. Astounding subsequent to voyaging 2.5 hours through seemingly an extremely destitution stricken region. A gathering of locals "donning skins" waved at the transport as we entered the compound. They love travelers and they coin individuals most likely drop here.

There is a Wellness Place and Club on the grounds. I attempted to look at it and set a caution off. Trust they have poker.

The gathering plan for Todd changed to give him the morning free versus evening since I get it rains the entire evening here during this season.

Generally the view is exquisite and I wish I'd of had the option to take photos of the scenes during the drive. Rainforests, mountains, cascades and more were the features.
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