Thursday, July 10, 2008

Zip Lines Through a Rain Forrest

Today we went on a zip line tour from a Costa Rican rain forrest. This is a picture from a tractor taking us to the top of the mountain. In the distance is our resort and the bay/Pacific Ocean... Here we are at the top of the mountain right before the first of 15 lines we rode. Here they give directions - the most important of which I did not obey - how to slow down. I came in HOT on one of the lines and cut my knee open. It'll be a sweet scar with an awesome story.

Here is a view from one of the platforms. The view is amazing...
You essentially fly from platform to platform and the guides are great. When it is their turn to go they go upside down and do other crazy things. You just sweat while waiting your turn on every platform due to the heat and humidity between runs. They tie you down while on top of the platforms for safety. When/if you look down it is scary and you could easily fall if not carefull.
The other people on the trip were great too, one was a family of 4 teenaged girls with their mom and dad. Todd promised their dad that he'd hook them up with text books since one of the girls goes to Univ. of Florida. They exchanged e-mails and the guy was in the wine business and promised Todd some wine if he came through with the books.

Below is me coming into one of the platforms. If you are affraid of heights this is not a good trip. The lines range from about 60 yards to 100 yards in length. The 100 yard one was the worst because it was went severely downhill which made it very fast. You HAD to "brake" most of the way which did not allow you to enjoy the view. You feel the friction and heat through your gloves on that one. If you don't brake the entire time you'd come in so fast that you'd for sure injure yourself.

Below is Todd coming in to the final line. The final line comes right into the camp where we departed from.

An adrelaline rush/buzz on this trip today. When done you are totally amp'ed up. We've been going non-stop the entire trip. Now we have an entire afternoon and evening open as almost the entire group from the company left today.
We set up our travel for Saturday morning and fly out Saturday at 2pm local time. Arrive around midnight eastern.
Ali, tell Scotty K that I found a store selling Cuban cigars outside our hotel compound. I'll try to get him some prior to leaving.


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